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  • amana washerdryer pair
    Amana Washer/Dryer Pair (NTW4516FW-NED4655EW)
    3.5 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer
    • Now you can wash more in a single load with our large capacity top load washer, at 3.5 cu. ft., helping you save money and resources. This means fewer loads every week and fewer loads mean fewer resources
      •Our durable Porcelain Tub helps protect fabrics, so socks and sweaters can stay snag-free
    • 8 wash cycles, including Bulky/Sheets, Casual, Clean Washer with affresh, Deep Water Wash, Delicates, Drain and Spin, Normal, Rinse and Spin
    • Rear panel controls provide convenient access to all cycle and option selections. And, the cycle status bar indicator lights let you easily see where your load is in the cleaning process
    • Automatic Load Size Sensing Technology helps takes the guesswork out of laundry by using the right amount of water for the cycle and soil level selected
    • The 2 pieces of this agitator move independently to roll clothing through the bottom of the wash basket for a thorough, even cleaning
    • No sock left behind. The Late Lid Lock gives you extra time to throw in any missed items before the Spin Cycle starts
    • The Deep Water Wash Option fills the tub with more water during the wash and rinse cycle when you need it, so you can clean with confidence
    • Uses a slower spin speed and a gentle wash motion to clean delicate items
    • 6 Temperature Settings help make sure the wash water is just the right temperature for every load
    • The Feedback-Status Indicators give you a variety of feedback including Done, Fill, Rinse, Sensing, Spin, Wash
    • Washer requires use of only high-efficiency detergent, typically two tablespoons per load

    7.0 Cu. Ft. SuperSize Capacity Plus Top Load Electric Dryer with Automatic Dryness Control
    • Wrinkle Prevent Option
    • Interior Drum Light
    • Heavy Duty Dryer Cycle
    • Damp Dry Cycle
    • 13 Dryer Cycle
    • Timed Dry Cycles (Up To 70 Minutes)
    • 4 Temperature Settings
    • On/Off End-of-Cycle Signal
    • Cool Down Cycle
    • Dry Level Option
    • Reversible Door
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  • hotpoint laundry pair
    Hotpoint Laundry Pair (HTW24ASKWS HTX24EASKWS)
    • Stainless steel basketLong-lasting stainless steel finish resists rust and won’t chip, peel or snag clothes
    • Heavy-duty agitatorPowerful wash action rotates your laundry for a thorough clean every time
    • Load sizeSelect your preferred load size for the desired water level
    • Rotary electronic controls with cycle status lightsKnow the progress of the wash cycle with just a quick glance
    • 700 RPM spin speedFast spin speeds remove water efficiently and minimize dry time
    • 10 wash cyclesMultiple cycles are designed to specifically handle various fabrics and soils

    • Auto DryFor clothes that come out feeling and looking great, this setting monitors air temperature to set the optimal drying time
    • Up to 120 ft. venting capabilityProvides flexible installation
    • Aluminized alloy drumImproves energy efficiency and resists corrosion
    • 3 heat selectionsOffer a choice of drying temperatures for personalized fabric care
    • Rotary electromechanical controlsMake it simple to set cycles
    • Upfront lint filterMakes cleaning out lint easy
    • Reverse-a-doorDoor opening can be reversed to meet laundry room needs
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  • whirlpool traditional washerdryer pair
    Traditional Whirlpool Washer/Dryer Pair (WTW4616FW-WED4616FW)

    28" Top Load Washer with 3.5 cu. ft. Capacity and Deep Water Option

    Water Level Selection
    Choose the water level you need for the cycle you want. No matter which cycle you choose, Water Level Selection lets you select Auto Fill to adjust water based on load size or the Deep Water Wash option to help break down loose soils with more water.

    Dual Action Spiral Agitator

    Take on your toughest loads. The traditional dual action spiral agitator provides the wash action and cleaning performance to give your clothes the right clean.

    White Porcelain Tub

    This wash basket is designed with smooth porcelain to help prevent even the most delicate fabric from snagging.


    Don't worry if you left a few of your items behind. Extra time before the spin cycle starts lets you toss in any missed or forgotten items.

    No need to go to the laundromat to wash bulky items. Get the extra space you need with this 3.5 cu. ft. capacity washer.

    Delicates Cycle

    Clean fine washables. An intermittent wash action, cool water and slow spin cleans your delicates to provide everything you'd expect from gentle fabric care.

    7.0 cu. ft. Front Load Electric Dryer with Wrinkle Shield Option
    Wrinkle Shield™ Option Helps keep wrinkles from setting into your clean clothes with intermittent tumbling after the dryer cycle ends.

    Timed Dry Take control of your time. For those occasional times that damp load needs a little extra dry time or when using a drying rack, set the control and you can get your fabrics dried on your schedule.

    Side-Swing Door The traditional side-swing door allows for ease of loading and unloading. Additional spacing and clearances should be considered for daily, accessible use.

    7.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity With a 7.0 cu. ft. capacity dryer drum, there's plenty of room to easily handle large loads and bulky items.

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  • whirlpool cabrio washerdryer pair
    Whirlpool Cabrio Washer/Dryer Pair (WTW5000DW-WED5000DW)

    4.3 Cu. Ft. Extra-Large Capacity 12 Cycle HE Washer

    • Deep Water Wash Cycle
    • Presoak Option
    • Quick Wash Cycle
    • Low-Profile Impeller
    • 4 Soil Selections
    • Cycle Indicator Lights
    • Smooth Wave Stainless Steel Wash Basket
    • Advanced Vibration Control
    • Automatic Load Size Sensing Technology
    • Dimensions: 42.25" H x 27.5" W x 28" D

    7.0 Cu. Ft. 13 Cycle Extra-Large Capacity HE Electric Dryer

    • Accu Dry™ Sensor Drying System
    • Wrinkle Shield™ Plus Option
    • 5 Temperature Selections
    • Moisture Sensor End of Cycle Signal
    • Drum Light
    • Dimensions: 42.25" H x 29" W x 28.25" D
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  • frigidaire high efficiency laundry center ffle3900uw
    Frigidaire High Efficiency Laundry Center (FFLE3900UW) (FFLE3900UW)
    • 3.9 cu. ft. capacity washer and 5.5 cu. ft. capacity dryer accommodate large loads
    • Strong, efficient cleaning performance, every time, with a high efficiency washer with stainless steel tub
    • Timed Dry cycle allows you to select the desired drying time limit that works with your schedule
    • Ready-select controls make it easy to get laundry started with just the touch of a button
    • Super gentle wash action provides whiter whites, brighter colors and fewer allergens
    • Features ten wash cycles such as Comforter, Delicate, Bedding and Casual
    • Offers four drying cycles to meet all of your drying needs, including Delicates, Casuals and Heavy-Duty
    • Maximum spin speed of 850 RPM removes more moisture so your clothes spend less time in the dryer
    • One Year Limited Warranty
    • MaxFill options allows for the maximum water level for the selected cycle.
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  • maytag washerdryer pair 435
    Maytag Washer/Dryer Pair (MVWX655DW-MEDX655DW)
    4.3 Cu. Ft. HE Extra Large Capacity 11 Cycle Washer with PowerWash® System

    • PowerWash® for Best Cleaning in Its Class
    • Large Window
    • 5 Water Temperature Selections
    • Deep Water Wash Cycle
    • Stainless Steel Basket
    • Power™ Impeller
    • Department of Energy Compliant
    • Dimensions: 43" H x 27.5" W x 28" D

    7.0 Cu. Ft. Extra- Large Capacity 13 Cycle Electric Dryer

    • Intellidry® Sensor
    • Automatic Temperature Controls
    • 5 Temperature Selections
    • Wrinkle Control Option
    • Sanitize Cycle
    • Heavy-Duty Motor
    • End-of-Cycle Sensor
    • Interior Light
    • Dimensions: 43" H x 29" W x 28.25" D
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  • maytag 47 cuft washer 70 dryer laundry pair mvwb766fw
    Maytag 4.7 CUFT Washer - 7.0 CUFT Dryer Laundry Pair (MVWB766FW) - washer (MEDB766FW) - dryer (MVWB766FW MEDB766FW)


    Maytag® Top Load Washer with the Deep Fill Option and PowerWash® Cycle  4.7 cu. ft.

    MSRP: $999.00


    Configuration and Overview
    ADA CompliantNo
    CEE TierNot Rated
    Drum MaterialStainless Steel
    Feedback-Status IndicatorsEstimated Time Remaining; Lid Lock; Sensing; Wash; Rinse; Spin; Done
    Control TypeElectronic Touch
    Automatic Load Size Sensing TechnologyYes
    Eco Monitor/Efficiency MonitorNo
    Internal HeaterNo
    Height42 Inches
    Width27 1/2 Inches
    Depth27 Inches


    Maytag® Large Capacity Electric Dryer with Steam-Enhanced Cycles  7.0 cu. ft.

    MSRP: $999.00


    Configuration and Overview
    ADA CompliantNo
    Maximum Vent Length64
    Cycle and Options
    Dryer Cycle SelectionsNormal; Wrinkle Control; Delicates; Rapid Dry; Timed Dry; Steam Refresh; Sanitize; Bedding; Heavy Duty
    Number of Dryer Cycles9
    Maytag Commercial Technology ComponentsYes
    Dryer Option SelectionsWrinkle Prevent w/Steam; End of Cycle Signal; Damp Dry Signal; Static Reduce
    Eco Monitor/Efficiency MonitorNo
    End of Cycle SignalYes
    Drum MaterialPowder Coat
    Drying RackNo
    Interior LightYes
    Steam Hose Y ConnectorNo
    Feedback-Status IndicatorsSensing; Steam; Done; Check Lint Screen; Estimated Time Remaining
    Control TypeElectronic Touch
    Height41 Inches
    Width29 Inches
    Depth28 1/4 Inches
    Depth With Door Open 90 Degree50 3/4 Inches
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