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Tilt Mount (TMR-105T)

Our Price:$76.63
  • Designed and built for the medium screens but with the ability to tilt easily without effort.
  • Capability of handling 55lbs
  • Provides 12 degrees of tilt along with easy and safe access to the rear of the TV
  • Features several state of the art safety and security features.
  • High performance for an affordable price.
  • The STANLEY®: “Magnetic Tab” system gives users quick access to the release mechanism without having cables, wires or strings hanging from the back of the TV.
  • The “Click and Release” system permits easy access to the rear of the TV without special tools while securely affixing the TV to the wall.

Product Specifications:
  • Weight Capable: 55lbs / 25kg
  • TV Size: 32” – 60”
  • Depth: 1.5”
  • Tilt Amount: =0˚ to -12˚
  • Swivel: None
  • Extension: None
  • Level Correction: None
  • Model: TMR-105T
  • Manufacturer: Stanley

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